Empower women in the Democratic Republic of Congo! 100% of proceeds goes toward the Women's Training Centre!

Who created the Tchukudu Project?

Cathy Cleary and Heather Haynes are ambitious ambassadors for vulnerable people. Cathy began her journey in 2008, in Tanzania working on a medical caravan, which she has continued to do for the past ten years. While Cathy was in Tanzania, Heather was also there doing her own work with the local people. In 2013, Cathy reached out to Heather, and as the two got to know each other Heather invited Cathy to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo with her to see the Tchukudu Kids Home that Heather had raised funds to build. On this visit in 2014, in the city of Goma, DRC, Cathy and Heather spoke with ten local women. After hearing these women's stories, Cathy knew she wanted and needed to do more.

With Heather’s support, Cathy worked with the local people to create a training centre to teach the women valuable skills they could use for a lifetime. This is how the Tchukudu Women's Training Centre was created.